Unification Celebration-
Activation Retreat and Union Ceremony

Friday 11/11/16 through Sunday 11/13/16

Join us for our 9th Annual 11:11
Galactivation Gathering, where we will join together, in commUNITY co-creation, manifesting an EPIC event for conscious family!

Blending music, sacred movement, visionary art, performance, playshops and intentional ceremony to create a magical wonderland of love and light!

The power of 11:11 is a phenomenon that is becoming more prominent in our accelerated times.  There are numerous gatherings happening around the planet on 11/11, let us tap into the collective crystalline grid TOGETHER, co-creating a UNIFIED FIELD of POSITIVE INTENTION, EMPOWERMENT, PEACE AND LOVE!

This special weekend gathering blends festival-like elements and ceremony in a lush retreat environment at a private residence.

This will be ONE unique event you will want to be present for!

Extended family is welcome to come!
Friends of friends are okay (2-degrees of separation)!

Even though this is also our 10-year marriage re-commitment ceremony, we invite ‘family’ that doesn’t even know us yet.

Feel free to spread the word and let other LIGHT-WORKERS
in your life know about it!

Only heart-centered, conscious, people with integrity PLEASE!